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Company Value

Trustful & reliable, down-to-earth

● We are always trustful and reliable to customers, suppliers, employees and society: reliable to customers, always keep promise to them;
   reliable to suppliers, arrange payment on time, treat them in fair way and take them as partner; trustful to employees, make them feel
   at home; trustful to society, follow rules and pay taxes.
● We are down-to-earth from top management team to operators, we prefer doing much more than just talking.

Company Culture

● Open: open to any new ideas, open to accept colleagues with different personality.
● Efficient and down-to-earth: fast response to customer requirement, action louder than voice.
● Self-learning: learning organization.

Expectation To Talent

● Ambitious: willing to grow with Buddy together, open minded, aggressive,
   High recognition of company culture.
● Knowledgeable: self-learning of necessary skills and gain experience gradually.
● Never give up: patience and perseverance.